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Everyone has obstacles. Don’t blame yourself for anything! Challenges are part and parcel of living. Sun shines. Cloud exists still. Those in the cemetery are said to be the only ones who are exempted from the challenges of life.

The last few months have magnified the challenges many of us face in our careers, business and families.  This is true to the extent that we have experienced some disruptions to our regular life, springing upon us without long notice for any effective preparation.

But this is how far it could go except we allow it sink deeper. The shock should only be momentary. If you dwell too long on the problem, the chances are you will be too dampened in spirit  to see solutions, some of which have been there even before the problems arose in the first place.  There is something positive to learn in every negative circumstance.

The Yorubas have a saying: Äari iru eyi ri, an fi deru ba oloro ni.  Magnifying a challenge as being unprecedented is an unhelpful exaggeration, merely creating fear and trepidation beyond what is required. There is nothing new under the sun. That you are just experiencing a particular development in your life doesn’t mean it never happened in someone else’s life before. It only indicates that your knowledge and experience are limited.

If you remember that there is something to learn in every problem, you will NOT WORRY but ride the storms and not be crushed by it. According to W.Mitchell, “ it’s not what happens to us that counts, it’s what happens in us”.  If you think you are defeated, then you are. No one, and nothing can help you. Yet if you see yourself victorious and truly rejoice in that consciousness, nothing can change your results otherwise.

Every challenge goes away. Whatever has a beginning has an end. You may not understand it right now. But sometime in the near future, if you hang on enough with great joy and determination to achieve progress in spite all odds, solutions will spring forth and you will look and thank God for these times. Whatever ails us, God’s word is medicine for our soul. Search for it. Dwell on it.
In spite of today’s problem, you can remain joyful. It’s a choice. Your choice.


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