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The epitome of freedom and excellence?
My picture of total bliss abroad
Made me despise every shoddiness at home
The grass looked greener on the other side
All I see around is the blackness they call us
A ti si aso l’oju Egun
Unmasked, the masquerade is shed of any disguise
Better enlightened are we all now
Facts are sacred. Alternative facts compete in same space
Definitions do change in time and circumstance
Superiority is subjective

Its all about the man in the saddle
The one we put in charge defines us all
Self-interest overrides all
When captured on lens, uniform brutality is global
By any means is the end  justified 
Morality, Immorality, Justice and injustice
Why are these lines so blurred?
Why is nothing ever straight forward?
Loyalty is dictated by self interest and clan survival
Today’s friends are yesterday’s enemies
Checks and balances are sacrosanct only in the books
In vain do our Honourables search for ability and honour
Their Excellencies know little of the word.
Not bound by principles, they call it cross carpeting here
Elsewhere, ideologies are redefined at will
East, North, South or West
Political leaders are of same hue
the world over
Thank you America!

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