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Tis the way it is

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Look no further

For the truth is not hidden

 beneath the sheaves,

the whole truth that is

I lie not, I cross my heart

The painter’s brush in my hand

Creates a picture of beauty and

Hope for all

This is the greatest of all nations

Now than any time in history

Why look too intently

When all you’d see underneath

 Is grim and sorrowful

You have heard, have you not ?

That what the eyes does not see

Nor the ears heard

The heart does not grieve about?

My ingenuity created history both ways

Unprecedented in good fortune

‘n unparalleled in bad times

Is every union blessed of God

Not for better and for worse?

Here for now and always

is a  catchphrase I give in love

Take it

Or leave it

Ain’t nothing more to add

;Tis just the way it is



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