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Death has never been more popular
It Imposes itself a larger than life
In a season fraught with dampening news
Of departing souls in numbers unbelievable
How quickly we wish you fly away 2020
Many ’ll remember you for all the gloomiest reasons
It’s all darkness, total, bleak ‘n painful
When a loved one leaves in circumstances
So distant and disdainful of the simplest of hugs
Those to whom his path crossed can shed a tear
Others who read of her deeds can lament a passage
Yet the music doesn’t stop playing everywhere

The dance, jokes and the laughter
Boardroom meetings in their solemn deliberation
Market places their loud and boisterous dealings
Why is nothing halted like the emptied streets on a virus’ dictate?
Why does the world appear completely oblivious
Of a passage so significant?
None but the one who wears the shoes
Feels the inner pinch the most.
Written tributes and flowery eulogies however true
are the indulgence of those privileged to cry afar off
We would talk in hushed tones or lament aloud
Our teary eyes we would dab and recall encounters
But in no time, we would forget
If he is a father
Not merely in title but indeed
Or a true mother
Beyond label, who made the most sacrifices
A significant other
who typified the truest of friendship, devotion ‘n love
They leave a vacuum too deep to fill
And tears that roll ad infinitum
Here now is one huge darkness
The departed
Who shines through us unforgettably

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