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It may yet prove again to be a case of the dark horse. Time has proven that at critical moments in tricky competitions, the unexpected do happens, throwing up the widely assumed underdog into the triumphant winner’s corner. Donald Trump did it in 2016 and despite the overwhelming nationwide polls that had consistently given Vice President Joe Biden the edge in the November 3 US elections, this unconventional player may still surprise all in the final results!

Has anyone heard the word: its not over until it’s over? And that you don’t count your chickens before they are hatched?  If those who want Donald Trump defeated at the polls would merely sit and pontificate on how badly things look right now for the idiosyncratic politician (he never likes to be referred to as one), my rough guess is that  they would find out too late that going out to vote en-mass and strategically plugging all foreseeable loopholes are what is required for victorious results

The Democrats may do well to internalise the time-tested maxim: once beaten, twice shy. In many of the accepted publicised models, Trump has only a 3 percent chance of winning the popular vote. Indeed there are models that put his chances at less than 1 percent.  So, it really won’t be a big deal if the Democrats win the popular vote  this time again, it will merely count as the seventh time in the last eight US elections they’ve done so. What is noteworthy here is that it proved to be insufficient for Hilary Clinton in the last elections. Trump strategists know it pays to stay focused on what matters most. As in 2016, Trump could potentially benefit from the Electoral College.

And what is more, Just imagine the scenario of the elections being inconclusive to a point that the supreme court has to take the final decision, considering that the Republicans have a 5-4 majority on that bench!

At the end of the day, if @trump didn’t win the US 2020 Elections, it wouldn’t be because Joe Biden defeated him. No one but Trump himself could do that. For all of the controversies surrounding his presidency in as many years,  only America’s 45th president could be said to have done himself in.


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