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  1. Brace up to the task
    Trust God. With HIM, you are stronger,
    richer, and far more able to
    cope with the challenges than
    you think.
  2. GIving up is cheap ‘n easy.
    It takes no strength
    No brilliance
    Nor wisdom of any sort
    To throw in the towel
    And be relieved of the struggles
  3. They don’t win
    Those who quit
    Cause there’s no applause for failure
    Nearly don’t kill a bird
    What separates those
    Who pass or flunk the critical tests of life
    Are often those who tackled
    the tough questions!
  4. They meant no ill
    Who counselled perseverance
    Many stable structures once
    had a shaky past
    The foundation of a
    life- long edifice takes
    More filling and ramming
    They know, those ahead for they speak from a
    Past just as painful

5.Its the scare of the devil
That makes you imagine the worst
Your heated palpitations flow
From nightmarish recollections
Be still and trust your God
If you ever loved him
Believe You can again

  1. Weeping may endure all night
    My copy of the holy book assures
    But joy comes in the morning
    Replace your fear with hope
    Try GRATITUDE in place of murmuring
    Are there not those
    That wears your shoes who still bear
    the hurtful weight of bareness?
  2. You hold the ACE still
    The choice is ever yours to make
    No one can rob you of that now or ever
    You may yet employ it otherwise
    if that’s all there is to do
    But use it now to save your home
  3. You said it, then do it
    Walk the talk
    She lied whoever predicted ease
    But sweet victory is sure at last



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